Using R for Introductory Econometrics


Hat tip to Gawon Yoon, Liviu Andronic, and Daniel Gerigk for finding the following typos!

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Page 12: Table 1.2, last row:
"seq(v,b,s)" should read "seq(f,t,s)"
Page 38: 1st paragraph of 1.5.3.:
"the ecdf created by the command plot(density(ROE)) is shown in Figure 1.14." should read "the ecdf created by the command plot(ecdf(ROE)) is shown in Figure 1.14."
Page 45: Figure 1.17 (b):
The figure should be labelled "(b) Standard normal cdf" instead of "(b) Standard normal pdf"
Page 52: Script 1.32:
"we reuse variables from Example-C-3.R" should read "we reuse variables from Example-C-2.R"
Page 52: 1.7.4., 2nd paragraph:
"For our problem of testing a hypothesis about a population parameter" should more precisely read "For our problem of testing a hypothesis about the population mean"
Page 56: End of 1.8.1.:
"closing brace of the for statement" should read "closing brace of the if statement"
Page 57: Last paragraph:
"create of formatted" should read "create formatted"
Page 77: Example 2.8:
The last sentence should read "Not surprisingly, all versions of these calculations produce the same result."
Page 82: First sentence:
"the role of four assumptions" should read "the role of five assumptions"
Page 82: Equation 2.16:
There is a ^ missing on the σ in the first expression.
Page 86: 3rd paragraph:
"involves the the average" should read "involves the average"
Page 87: Last paragraph:
"The last lines of code" should read "The last lines of the code"
Page 87: Last paragraph:
"the first 20 simulated samples" should read "the first 10 simulated samples"
Page 89: 2.7.4. below the equation:
"the unconditional variance of Var(u) = 4" should read "the unconditional variance Var(u) = 4"
Page 91: 2nd paragraph:
"regressions results" should read "regression results"
Page 91: 3., second paragraph:
"dicusses" should read "discusses"
Page 96: Above eq. (3.5):
"is its the square root" should read "is its square root"
Page 97: Equ. (3.9.):
There shouldn't be a ˜ on x2
Page 98: Below Script:
"effect is is actually" should read "effect is actually"
Page 98: Last paragraph:
"an vast" should read "a vast"
Page 99: Equation 3.10:
The should be a ^ on β but not on σ (also in the text below the equation). The comma at the end looks confusing.
Page 99: Before Eq. 3.11:
The sentence should read "Since the error variance σ2 is unknown, we replace it with an estimate to come up with an estimated variance of the parameter estimate."
Page 101: First paragraph:
"It delivers a list of VIF" should read "It delivers a vector of VIF" (since a list is a specific type of object in R)
Page 123: Above Eq. 6.1:
"equationis" should read "equation is"
Page 125: 2nd paragraph:
"If regression model" should read "If the regression model"
Page 126: 2nd paragraph:
"Script 6.3 (Formula-Logarithm.R) show this" should read "Script 6.3 (Formula-Logarithm.R) shows this"
Page 133: Above the output:
"The full Code" should read "The full code"
Page 135: 1st paragraph:
"we discuss use use" should read "we discuss the use"
Page 135: Beginning of Section 7.1:
"If qualitative information" should read "If qualitative data"
Page 135: 5th paragraph:
"These information" should read "This information"
Page 138: 5th paragraph:
"male log wages are hihger" should read "male log wages are higher"
Page 140: Example 7.8, last sentence:
"exp(0.7-1)" should read "exp(0.7)-1"
Page 144: Example 8.2:
"different version" should read "different versions"
Page 148: 1st paragraph:
"on the regressors only but either also on" should read "on the original regressors only. Instead, we add"
Page 148: Example 8.5:
"Both the BP and the White test" should read "The LM versions of both the BP and the White test"
Page 197: Example 13.2:
"CPS78_85.RData" should read "CPS78_85.dta"
Page 212: 2nd paragraph:
"individual affects" should read "individual effects"
Page 216: 3rd paragraph:
"can be used like as an input" should read "can be used as an input"
Page 222: Example 15.5:
"as a regressors" should read "as a regressor"
Page 222: Example 15.5:
"instruments for the own education" should read "instruments for their own education"
Page 225: Example 15.10:
The example title should read "Job Training and Worker Productivity"
Page 225: 1st paragraph:
"If are all valid" should read "If all are valid"
Page 269: 19.2.:
"is simple to use a system" should read "is a simple to use system"
Page 269: 19.3.1. above the Rmd file:
"a formatted documents" should read "a formatted document"
Page 269: 19.3.1. below the Rmd file:
"is is the current working directory" should read "is in the current working directory"
Page 270: 19.3.2.:
"We can created lists" should read "We can create lists"
Page 275: 19.4.1., first bullet point:
"Don’t print include the R commands" should read "Don’t print the R commands"
Page 278: 19.4.2., second paragraph:
"add tables, number, and" should read "add tables, numbers, and"